Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Day 3 - Fractions

A fraction represents a part of a whole, or any number of equal parts. Dr Yeap challenged the class to share a piece of chocolate/cake/pizza (up to your imagination of what you wanted the piece of paper to be) equally among 4 persons.

So this is my imagination of the piece of paper........

I tried different ways of dividing the "piece of chocolate" among 4 persons and this is what I derived to.......


Some of my classmates suggested other methods of dividing into 4 equal parts that will result in  mixed shape solution, like these....................
These diagrams are very creative as the equal parts does not be of the same shape!
Dr Yeap further challenged us to share 3 fourths equally between 2 persons.
After pondering for quite a while, I came up with 2 diagrams with 2 different methods of getting the answer. However, I find it easier to understand fractions with visual aids. (Haha! Guess that we can't run away from CPA approach as fractions are better understood when seen)
There are some links that are useful to enhance children's knowledge on fractions and have fun!


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