Sunday, 6 October 2013

Day 6

Is there an universal symbol for division?
The symbol that we knew since young is

But Dr Yeap told us that half of the people in the world used this symbol to represent division and the other half of the world used this   :    as the symbol for division.
This is an insight for me as I never knew this before.

Today we are going to find the area of a triangle.
I used three different methods to find out the area of this triangle and got the same answer for these three methods.

You may try the links to know more........

Day 5

Do you know how to make squares using tangrams?
What are the different ways that you can make a square?
These are some of the "squares" that I have made during class.

I used 4 pieces of tangrams to make a square.
Dr Yeap challenged us to make a bigger square using the seven pieces of tangrams that he has given us. This is what I came out with..........

Do you have any other ways to make a square using the seven pieces of tangrams?
Do you know how many types of triangles are there?
The sum of angles in a right angle triangle is 180 degree and this is how I prove it.......

I folded in the two sides to form a right angle and therefore, the sum of the triangle is 180 degree.
What about other triangles that are not a right-angle triangle?
I tried another method...........
Do you have any other ways to find out the sum of angles in a triangle?
There are some of the websites that you can gain more insights: