Sunday, 6 October 2013

Day 5

Do you know how to make squares using tangrams?
What are the different ways that you can make a square?
These are some of the "squares" that I have made during class.

I used 4 pieces of tangrams to make a square.
Dr Yeap challenged us to make a bigger square using the seven pieces of tangrams that he has given us. This is what I came out with..........

Do you have any other ways to make a square using the seven pieces of tangrams?
Do you know how many types of triangles are there?
The sum of angles in a right angle triangle is 180 degree and this is how I prove it.......

I folded in the two sides to form a right angle and therefore, the sum of the triangle is 180 degree.
What about other triangles that are not a right-angle triangle?
I tried another method...........
Do you have any other ways to find out the sum of angles in a triangle?
There are some of the websites that you can gain more insights:

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